Latest stuff January 26 2016, 0 Comments

Alaska is done and dusted now, with the DVD out for a few weeks now. It's in the catalogue if you want a copy.

I've also started putting more stuff on Vimeo. I'll be converting most of GN101 and 102 to modular format, but I'm doing some new ones too - check this one out on tyres, it's quite good:

Once I get a bit more up there, it'll give people an alternative to buying DVDs.


Alaska nearly finished? November 14 2015, 0 Comments

Well it's been head down, tail up for the last couple of months as I strive to get GN108 out for Xmas. I'm happy to say it's getting there, with all the main footage edited. Now it's the fiddly bits - doing music, adding greenscreen commentary, etc.

Stay tuned!

Back from Alaska September 10 2015, 2 Comments

After 3 weeks at the last frontier, I'm home again, and about to start production of "Grey Nomad 108 - Alaska".

Let me know if you want to be on the advance list.

North to Alaska! August 15 2015, 1 Comment

As Johnny Horton once said . . . 

We fly out on Monday to fulfill one of Sandie's dreams and "do" Alaska. She wants to see puffins too.

I've got a new compact professional video camera to take with us and yes, I'll do a DVD on the whole thing.

Today is last day orders can be sent until my return on September 11.

We're going on-line! June 27 2015, 1 Comment

In response to a million requests and suggestions, Grey Nomad 101 is gradually adding an on-line alternative to our DVDs. 

We're trying 2 different platforms:

Vimeo.   Click the link to see what we've done with Caravan Cooking 101 - it's now available to rent or hire as individual dishes or as a collection.

In-House.   This link is to a pilot video on how to choose your caravan site, and is available to purchase as a download. 

All comments and feedback welcome please.

Canvas Prints now available May 20 2015, 1 Comment

Finally, the Limited Edition Collection is up and running. Click on the Canvas Prints menu tab at the top of the page.

Coming Soon - Limited Edition Canvas Prints May 16 2015, 1 Comment

That's right, some of my best shots from our travels, preserved on high quality canvas, framed ready to hang. It's taken me this long to find a company that does good quality work at a price that's not prohibitive. they're not cheap either (you get what you pay for!) but they're affordable, and I'll be able to price them reasonably attractively for you.

Stay tuned . . .

Grey Nomad 107 Released April 09 2015, 1 Comment

This Tassie epic is now available! First production run sold out immediately, second run now to hand. It's a 6 hour monster - see catalogue for details.

Grey Nomad 107 March 04 2015, 1 Comment

Well, after 4 months solid work, I've finally finished editing Grey Nomad 107 "Tasmania". It's a 6 hour epic, and my best effort yet, I think.

Stand by for release 18th March.

Another Winner December 27 2014, 0 Comments

Congrats to Geraldine McQuaid, the winner of our latest (somewhat irregular!) prize draw. She's scored a copy of GN107 when it comes out.