3 days in Busselton August 05 2017, 0 Comments

Well, the old dog died, young Holly's had her last litter and been spayed, I'm nearly over the flu - there are no more excuses! Time to start getting out there again.
So we just did a quick 3 night trip to the coast to shake some cobwebs out of the van (and us).

It was entirely non-eventful, and we couldn't even find a decent coffee joint in Busselton. But there's one thing we definitely have to give Busselton Shire 10 points for:-  the beaches are dog friendly! That's right, signs everywhere saying "Dogs prohibited (December to February 9am to 6pm (or something like that)) and welcome off the leash at all other times (but pick up their excrement)." How bloody good and sensible is that! Especially in southwest WA, where most of the coast is national park, and decidely un-dog-friendly).
Keep it up Busselton!