Lismore show woes July 22 2013, 0 Comments

Well folks, after a lousy start, the Lismore Show has finally happened, and ground its way to a resoundingly mediocre conclusion!

After being postponed for 2 weeks (and us not being advised of this by the organisers, resulting in about $1000 of wasted air fares to/from Perth), when it did get under way, the public weren't in a spending mood anyway. The almost universal verdict from other exhibitors we spoke to was that it was pretty much a waste of time - not just for us exhibitors, but for at least some of the public as well, due to some of the larger companies pulling out. That's what the local hairdresser who cut my golden locks today reckons anyway!

Still, I guess you can't do much about lousy weather. It just would have been a whole lot better if the decision to postpone had been made a couple of days earlier - and if we'd been advised . . .

Now we look forward to hitting the Gold Coast for this weekend's new-format caravan show. I think they're allowing sales of second hand stuff at this one - not sure how it's going to work, but it should be interesting.