Webasto diesel heater with old fuel July 22 2013, 0 Comments

Here's a bit of a tip for anyone with diesel heaters.

Our Webasto was fantastic, really heated the van fast. Then we didn't use it over summer, and fired it up again this winter. Well, it coughed and spluttered and complained and belched thick black smoke until we had to stop trying. Webasto service guys said "how old is the diesel?"    Hmm, it was a year old.

So, on their advice, I drained the tank and put new diesel in, and ran it for half an hour, after which it all came clean again!

The message is don't leave the fuel to get too old, and they also say to run it every few weeks, even in summer.

Fuel really does go off, just like old tyres really do go hard, and fail just when you need them most (see GN104!)