Coming Soon - Limited Edition Canvas Prints May 16 2015, 1 Comment

That's right, some of my best shots from our travels, preserved on high quality canvas, framed ready to hang. It's taken me this long to find a company that does good quality work at a price that's not prohibitive. they're not cheap either (you get what you pay for!) but they're affordable, and I'll be able to price them reasonably attractively for you.

Stay tuned . . .

We're back in Tassie! November 27 2014, 1 Comment

Just about to do the Hobart show, then it's off around the western side of Tassie. We've got some great stuff lined up to film, including the Wilderness Railway and Gordon River Cruise - we can't wait. Then it's back home to WA to start the awesome editing process, with GN107 scheduled for early in the new year.

We're back on the mainland and heading home across the Nully as fast as we can go. October 31 2014, 0 Comments

But we'll be back in Tassie in 3 weeks time to do the Western side.

Meanwhile, we've reaquainted ourselves with one of the world's best camping spots!

Tassie Countdown September 27 2014, 0 Comments

Only a week to go!

After next week's Melbourne Leisurefest, we head over on the ferry for a 3 week filming run. Yes, the banjo's coming too . . .

Stay tuned for the latest on this.

Filming of the sequel to Caravan Cooking 101 . . . June 30 2014, 0 Comments

. . . has now commenced. We're going to call it "Cooking for Blokes", because I get to do most of the work (SWMBO's got her arm in a sling). Our kitchen's been taken over by cameras & lights.

Dream Machine Now Shipping April 06 2014, 0 Comments

Yep, stocks have arrived and all pre-release orders have gone out in the mail. Let the feedback begin!

Dream Machine DVD now ready for ordering March 27 2014, 0 Comments

Filming and editing of our latest epic is now complete, and the master has been sent off for replication. "Dream Machine" gives a real nuts and bolts look at the entire process of selecting  the manufacturer for our new baby, and custom designing it. Reserve your copy now from the catalogue for delivery in April.

Newcastle February 04 2014, 0 Comments

We've set up camp at Newcastle, ready for this weekend's caravan show. Site 72 if you're coming.

Then it's up to Maroochydore to deliver the faithful Kedron to our buyer, before heading back down to Melbourne to pick up our new Dream Machine.

It'll be nice to settle down again after all this running around!

Our New Van December 05 2013, 8 Comments

Well it's official. After several years of happy traveling with the Kedron van, we are now upgrading. We've chosen JB Caravans in Melbourne, based on extensive research and discussion over the past 12 months. It's been a long and exhaustive process, and even more time has gone into customising the design. It's going to be called The Dream Machine. We're going the whole hog with this one, holding nothing back, it's going to be a beauty. We know that a lot of other people would benefit from seeing how we went about it, so I'll be producing a DVD covering the whole process of choosing the manufacturer and designing the van.

We expect to pick it up early in the new year, and hopefully will get the DVD done soon afterwards, so stay tuned. (Email me if you want to get on the advance list.)