Caravan Cooking 101 - Sandie's Secrets!


This features Sandie with her easy but tasty confined-space recipes. (I still get to play a minor role!) Everyone always asks her how she gets such great dishes, usually from just a single burner, and with so little bench space. This DVD shows you how, along with some good ideas for packing some of the ingredients.

Feedback so far is that folks are using these recipes at home in their kitchens, as well as on the road.

And it's funny - apparently we should have called it "Comedy Cooking 101"!

There's about 15 dishes demonstrated on the DVD. You can print out these recipes (and about a dozen more) on a computer as well, all except the Rogan Josh, which I accidentally left off!  Here it is here if you're missing  it: Lamb Rogan Josh Recipe

Now in its third print run, Caravan Cooking 101 has become our second-most-popular item, after the GN101/102 Combo.

ALTERNATIVELY:  This product  is now also available to download as individual dishes or as a collection on our new Vimeo platform, if you want to check it out. CLICK HERE (You can even try one for free . . .)


running time    2 hours 15

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