Cooking for Blokes - AKA Caravan Cooking 102


If you smiled at Caravan Cooking 101, you'll cack yourself with this one.

It was supposed to be just a sequel called Caravan Cooking 102, but Sandie made things difficult by getting her arm in a sling just when filming was starting, rendering her completely useless and good for nothing.

So Sid got thrown in at the deep end, becoming a one man band doing the cooking, washing up, cameras, sound and lighting. With the occasional bit of guidance and interference from SWMBO!

But what's a bloke?  Well, for the purposes of this DVD, if you normally don't do much cooking, then you're a bloke. Gender is irrelevant here.

Or maybe you are the cook, but just enjoy stuff like this - especially from our whacky GN101 team.

Cooking for Blokes has Sid bumbling his way through 20 recipes over 2 DVDs and nearly 4 hours.

Unlike regular cooking shows, Sid takes the time to chat about what he's doing and why, and demonstrates that even a complete nincompoop can cook up a storm with a little bit of help.

It's good fun to watch, and maybe a great gift for your cooking-phobic partner!

Hi Sid & Sandie, we received our copy of Cooking for Blokes and had to make a cuppa and sit and watch the DVD straight away. We loved it and had a good laugh at you two mucking around and it makes cooking more fun. Well done Sid on taking the job on, most blokes would've waited until the cook was back on deck.... With regards Jenny & Jim

running time  3 hours  45   (double DVD)

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