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Grey Nomad 101 is NOW ONLY SOLD as part of the popular GN101/102 Triple Disk Combo, because 95% of first-time customers were purchasing the Combo anyway.  (A limited quantity of GN102 DVDs is still available to enable GN101 owners to complete their set.) The description below still applies to the GN101 part. Please read it, then see the GN102 description and the GN101/102 Combo item.

Grey Nomad 101 is the original Caravanning Made Easy DVD from Sid Whiting.

How to go caravanning around Australia - over 3 hours of information

  • How to choose the right rig for you (Sid & Sandie got it wrong first time around)
  • How will you set up your rig?
  • What do you take with you?
  • Some of the problems you can meet on the road
  • Heaps of tricks, traps, ideas and advice
  • A wealth of technical info ranging from 12 volt wiring to communications to taking better digital photos to dealing with ants in your van
  • Plus great footage of some of the places they went on their journey, to whet your appetite . . . .

More "user friendly" than a book, it's as entertaining as it is informative. A great watch whether you're just about to buy a caravan (or motorhome, etc), or have been towing one for years. As well as being a died-in-the-wool caravanner, Sid is a professional videographer, presenter and author. He brings it all together in this DVD.

And - it's also a computer disk with some bonus files, including a spreadsheet of everything they take with them, which you can modify and use for your own situation. (If you've got the DVD and need help to access the files, click here.)

 Hi Sid, I watched your dvd 'Grey Nomad 101' last night. Just wanted to say it was really excellent. Very informative and to the point. Videoing was great always giving a clear perspective of your subject and its relationship to the surroundings.  A few high profile recording companies could learn a thing or two from you. They get caught up in fancy camera angles and extreme close ups to the detriment of delivering clear information.  Love your laid back and humorous approach too.  Look fwd to more.   Cheers Vance

Hi Sid …just a quick line or two about the DVD I purchased at the Show last w/end…I thought it was great and very much look forward to number 2?? I’m a relatively younger Caravaner at 43 y.o and I find it quite amazing the “Lack of” information DVD’s available….so I found yours great! ..... I’m finding that Caravans are becoming more popular with the younger folk  …    Ken  

Hi Sid
        you did a grand "sales job" selling me your DVD at the Melbourne show. Having watched it twice so far, my wife and I agree that the DVD represents true value for money.
        Before coming to Australia in the '90s, I had  some 15 years caravanning experience in the UK and Western Europe.  Here in Australia, I had to re-learn a lot about camping, caravans and life in general.  Unfortunately, there is still one common denominator, Murphy's Law.  I will therefore thank you in advance for saving me from some stuff-ups I would probably have made and  the subsequent frustration.
        Regardless of whether you are going on a circumnavigation of Australia, a longish trip or just going on a short holiday, Grey Nomad 101 - The  DVD should be regarded as essential viewing.  The advice in most instances is generic, valid and should be carefully considered.  The same can be said of the web site, a most valuable resource.
Once again, thank you Sid.
Kind regards and Safe Journeys.      Richard & Linda K.


running time     over 3 hours

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