Grey Nomad 102 - the Sequel - double DVD set


Usually purchased with Grey Nomad 101 as part of the 101/102 Combo. You'd normally only get this one individually to complete the set if you already have GN101. 

Grey Nomad 102, with all new topics, is based on feedback and requests from GN101 viewers. Grey Nomad 102 doesn't cover the same information as Grey Nomad 101. The topics are completely different, and to get the full story, you'll need both.

GN102 is a huge production, much bigger than GN101, with almost 6 hours spread over 2 DVDs.

Disc 1 menu items include reversing, hitching, fishing, thermal cooking, boatloading, TV on the road, electric towing mirrors, caravan safes, campground etiquette, house-sitting and a whole lot more.

Disc 2 is nearly 2 hours of "More Places We've Bin", and takes a look at 21 different great spots around the nation, sprinkled throughout with more tips, advice and information - guaranteed to get the juices flowing!

Hi Sid & Sandie, We met you today at the show and purchased Caravan Cooking 101, Grey Nomad 102 (to go with GN101) and Dream Machine. I have just finished watching GN102 & Dream Machine and as a newbie (no caravan or tow vehicle yet) these DVDs are helping enormously. Having retired only 3 weeks ago, investing in a caravan & tow vehicle is a huge outlay and one that is filled with some trepidation. I know that watching your DVDs will help me to make good decisions for the future.  Cheers, Cam.

running time     6 hours

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