Grey Nomad 104 - the Outback Way - 4 hour epic


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Crossing 3 states, the Outback Way is Australia's longest shortcut, and includes the Donohue Highway, the Plenty Highway and the Great Central Road. It runs right "through the guts" from Winton in Queensland to Laverton in WA, and passes through Alice Springs to give you a chance to lick your wounds!

Many people wonder what it would be like to have a go at this journey, but aren't sure what they're really in for. That's what this DVD is about. Running for over 4 hours, it shows you just what the roads were like when Sid and Sandie did it, along with some of the trouble they got into. Add to that some more of Sid's scenic photography, and you've got one of the best Grey Nomad 10X productions to date.

Did they blow any tyres? You bet. Did their suspension collapse? Yep. Did it stop them? No way. What are the highlights along the way? What's involved with crossing the Aboriginal land? Is it worth tackling nearly 1800Km of sometimes extremely rough gravel roads? Decide for yourself after watching Grey Nomad 104.

Filmed September 2012.

Greetings Sandie (because I don’t want Oleander tea) & Sid
Brenda & I finally got some time over the last couple of nights to watch 104 and we enjoyed it immensely, especially as you and Sandie “tell it like it is” which is missing in other DVD’s we see produced by some of the magazines.
Look forward to 105 when you get back from NZ and we’ll look out for you at the Brisbane show.
All the best      Noel & Brenda

Hi Sid and (Not Happy) Sandie,
Well I must say I enjoyed it so much that I watched it for a second time, just in-case I missed something.
I would like to put that trip on my so called bucket list but like your Sandie I think my wife would not like all the corrugations etc.    I found that the subject was very informative and explained a lot about the road conditions and the points of interest etc.
Please keep up the this type of production as it re minds me of the old 'Leyland Brother' productions.
Again, keep up the good work.     Rgds    Graham B.


running time    4 hours

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