Grey Nomad 107 - Tasmania - 6 Hour Epic


Brand new release - Double DVD Set

After the top end in the Wet, the Outback Way, New Zealand and the Nullarbor, we surveyed our fan base to ask what you wanted next. The answer was, overwhelmingly, Tasmania.

So we've done it. If you're planning to do it, or just enjoy following our adventures, this is for you.

We did it in two bites. First we took a rental camper trailer over on the ferry and spent 3 weeks touring the Eastern loop. Then, a few weeks later, we flew in and did the Western loop by car and cabin, 2 more weeks. And no, the caravan never got a look in! (You'll see why in the DVD.)

We show you the roads, some of the free camping, some of the tourist parks and some of the tours and attractions. You'll end up with a really good idea of what Tassie is all about, and you'll have a lot to choose from. There's no way you'd want to cram as much as we did in 5 weeks, but we did it just for you!

PLUS: This production really comes to life with the best music in the business, thanks to Australia's top blue grass band the Davidson Brothers. You'll want to crank the volume . . .

Included on the first disk of this double DVD set is a computer spreadsheet called Tassie Trip Tool which will help you work out your best travel options.

Here's a Teaser

Hi Sid, just come back from Tassie after 7 weeks (not long enough). Enjoyed your DVD on Tassie, before we went and referred to it during our travels. Back home downloading and recording our Camcorder and Gopro shots and comparing where we went with your DVD. Not as good as yours but fun saying we got that on camera also. Could not believe that there is so much to see, will be going back. Regards Geoff H.

running time  6 hours  (double DVD)

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