Grey Nomad 101 Limited Edition Canvas Prints


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During their travels, Sid's built a collection of fabulous photos, some of which have made a brief appearance in the DVDs.

But many of them deserve better than that, and are perfect for hanging on the walls of your lounge or living room, bedroom or study.

For yourself, or as a really great gift for someone you hold dear, there's bound to be something in this collection that fits the bill. And the collection is still growing, so don't forget to check back now and then.

This collection of the best photos from the Grey Nomad 101 stable is preserved on top quality canvas stretched over seasoned wood frames. Light weight and ready to hang, in a choice of sizes - here's a couple of examples ready for dispatch.

Production of each print is limited to 50 only, and each one is individually numbered and signed.

Each print will be individually checked for quality before signing, re-packaging and sending to you, so allow several weeks from order to delivery. DELIVERY IS FREE WITHIN AUSTRALIA. For outside Australia, please email first.

Properly hung and lit, these prints turn any wall into a show piece and talking point.

NOTE: The catalogue images below are low resolution to speed up viewing - the actual prints are made from very high resolution photos. Also note that how they appear on your monitor can vary greatly, depending on your monitor's settings - but the photo files that go to the printer are carefully colour balanced on a properly calibrated monitor.

Happy viewing!