DVD Problems

I am more than happy to replace or refund as appropriate. But before you contact me, please take a look at the following:

1) My DVD is scratched!

All discs are normally inspected before passing on to customers.

But if yours is scratched or marked for any reason, even if it's happened at your end  - at the end of the day, I want you to see the DVD. The two most common cause of scratching are finger nails and rings when getting DVD out of the sleeve, and slot loaders (especially when trying to insert a disk when another one's already in there - I've written off several disks doing that!). Please check with me and I'll see what I can do to replace it for you. 

2) My DVD doesn't play properly!

OK, now you have my undivided attention. Around 0.1% of DVDs sold (that's 1 in a 1000) report "no play" errors. It can be simply stuck on a particular menu item, or even worse, a "bad disc" message right up front.

99% of the time it is the player I'm afraid. Initially it may appear to be the disc (ie all your other discs are fine, it's just this one). However, all your other discs are probably single layer - standard movie length discs don't need to be anything else. But to fit the amount of stuff that I do on a single disc requires dual layer technology. Dual layer discs need just that little bit extra laser power to penetrate the layers. If the player has had a lot of use or is several years old, then the laser is starting to weaken (this happens with ALL players over time), and problems will first be noticed on dual layer discs. Before too much longer, other discs will start to "fail". But it's not the discs, it's the player.

Which means if I send you another disc, it too will fail - you won't be happy and nor will I.

So it's advisable to try the disc in another player or two (friends, neighbours, etc), and in a PC if you can. If it's OK in other machines, then there's no point sending a replacement disc - it still won't work in that first player. In this case you may need to get a new player (you only need to spend about $35 at Harvey Norman). 

If the disc doesn't work in other players either, then it's time to try a replacement. (Duds are very rare with glass mastered/replicated disks, but nevertheless possible.) In this case it would help if you could tell me the make model and age of your main player.

 After reading the above and carrying out appropriate tests, if it still looks like replacement is warranted, please let me know:

E-mail Grey Nomad 101

Ultimately, I'd love you to get to watch the DVDs.


3) I can't find the extra files on the disk!

Here's how to access the computer files on the DVD:

(Applies to Windows PCs - I haven't got a clue about Macs!)

Just put it in your computer's CD/DVD drive and if it gives you a choice of what to do, choose to open it to view the files. Then just double click on each file to open it and have a look. 

If nothing happens when you put it in the computer, then use your file management program such as My Computer or Windows Explorer to go to the CD/DVD drive and follow it from there - navigate it just like you would any other disk drive.

If the video starts to play as soon as you put it in the computer, just stop it and close that window, then proceed as per previous sentence.