Choosing Your Site

This goes with the "Choosing Your Site" video module.

You can copy and paste it anywhere you like.



Shade, but not underneath - branches, leaves, bird poop, bat poop, nuts dropping.

Near watercourse or steep slopes that could flood? (Could flood cut you off?)

Under overhanging cliffs (loose stones) or too near edge of cliffs (unstable or might walk over in night)

Security - park up and wait for others


Length of stay

Level site

Ease of getting in - tightness, up a rise - Drive through

Room to turn around

Wind - awning away from strong wind/rain - where does the weather come from?

Ants, bull ants, look for talc signs - is rain coming? Peppermint gums

Foliage - ants and wind noise if hitting roof

Water & power position, test them first

Cost - only pay for 1 night until you're sure

Sun angle, trees etc for solar

TV & Sat TV - trees interference - look at others

Slope for floods, other people's sullage run-off, etc

Slope for sullage, over a lip?, if no drain, trees nearby?

Car parking

Slab or not, and size (for annex)

Grass for outside area

Need close to amenities?

Ground for pegs

Neighbour proximity - pop tops, whiz bangs,  kids bikes, Outside TVs


Highway - truck noise

Main drag of park?

Ablution block banging doors, camp kitchen, pool, playground

Position for people  passing by/cutting through?


Edge of park - sports, etc - security if no adequate fence

Weekends - Organised events, fishing clubs, Ski comps, etc

Security lights near van