What's On Offer

Classic quote:  a note on a recent order for the GN101/102 Combo - "Can I please have this ASAP, my husband is about to buy a new caravan and I need to be informed!"

Status: From humble beginnings, our DVD-o-meter has just ticked past the 30,000 mark, sold to Aussie and international buyers. Thanks to all who have supported the project.  - Sid & Sandie


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Sid and Sandie Whiting - the Grey Nomad 101 Team

Who Are They?

Sid and Sandie aren't celebrities. They are real caravanners who have been out there and done it, clocking up over 200,000 Kms around Australia in the last few years. And Sid also happens to be a talented video presenter and producer.

What do they offer?

Answers to most questions that get asked. Based on their own experiences and mistakes, their productions are packed with hours of tips, tricks, hints, traps, advice and information about caravanning in Australia.

What's in the DVDs?

Whether you're new chums looking for caravan training and instruction, or old hands who appreciate different ideas, tips and advice, you'll find it here. All kinds of topics, like buying the right rig, setting it up, what tools & equipment to take, hitching, reversing, security, communications, towing mirrors, photography, fishing, taking a dinghy, TV on the road, 12 volt power, generator tips, and the list goes on. In short, (almost) everything that potential and existing grey (and not so grey) nomads need to know. Plus heaps of footage of some of the best spots around Australia. Most of the material applies to motor homes too.

Why get them?

Information and advice. You can spend days trawling through caravanning web sites and magazines. Or get it all condensed in one convenient package. This DVD series has hours of compelling and entertaining viewing before you spend your money on a rig or accessories. 
Entertainment.  As well as all the "how to do it" stuff, there's hours of great footage in the destination-specific DVDs. From the Kimberley to the Outback Way, Tasmania to the Nullarbor - even New Zealand.
Presented in a lighthearted and entertaining style, they're a good fun watch! They also make a unique gift.
Professionally done. They aren't just trippers with a point'n'shoot camera - This free clip shows what's involved, as Sid explains how he filmed one of his recent productions.

It's video.  If easy-on-the-eye video footage works better for you than ploughing through thousands of words . . .