How to open files

Here's how to access the bonus computer files on the first 2 DVDs:

 (Applies to Windows PCs - I haven't got a clue about Macs!)

Just put it in your CD/DVD drive and when it gives you a choice of what to do, choose to open it to view the files. Then just double click on each file to open it and have a look. For instance, the files on the first DVD are:

caravan checklist.doc

Our Kedron Wiring.bmp

Our Stuff.xls (requires Microsoft Excel to run)

GreyNomad101 web site (link direct to the web site)


If nothing happens when you put it in the computer, then use My Computer or Windows Explorer to go to the CD/DVD drive and follow it from there.

If the video starts to play as soon as you put it in the computer, just stop it and close that window, then proceed as per previous sentence.