Useful Links

Load your tinnie the easy way.


Waterproof the Roof

This link takes you to Aussie Caravan Repairs. We got them to do our caravan roof, and it worked. The leaks that had been plaguing us have gone away. And they cleaned the outside of our van better than we ever could, now it's white again instead of dull red.


Workabout Australia

Another great site to help you get work as you travel around. You can join up and have emails sent to you about work in your area, etc.


Hitch-EZY the 5 Tonne Hitch

My favourite hitch. Had it for a couple of years on the Kedron, now I've got one on our new JB van.


We Love this Country

The CRVA website - worth a look.


Keeping You Posted

A mail redirection service which has all the bases covered. (Haven't tried it personally)


SOS Mail Solutions

Another mail redirection service - also looks good. (Haven't tried it personally)


4WD Australian Outback Adventures on DVD

If you really want to find out what it's like off the beaten track (and I mean right off) check this out.


Custom Coasters Australia

I get asked about customising buses, but haven't been down that path. However, these guys might be worth a look. They personalise vehicles to your exact specifications whether it be for leisure, travel or business.Your existing RV, or purchase one of theirs.


Sid Whiting Video Services

I provide video production services in south west WA, including the recording of funeral services.