The Vimeo Selection: Grey Nomad 101 On-Demand Downloads

You can buy the DVDs and play them when you feel like it. A DVD is something you can actually hold!

Or you can pick and choose your topics and just download the stuff you really want to see. That's why all the material on the DVDs is gradually being converted into modules and made available for you on the Vimeo platform. Vimeo is arguably the best video distribution site out there, and that's why we use it. 

All you have to do is join Vimeo at the basic level, and you're off and running. It's easy. It's safe. And it's free (unless you want to upgrade to one of their fancier levels).

So give it a try using the links below, and see what you think.

You can use it to check out what we're about by downloading a topic or two for very little cost, before coming back and purchasing some DVDs. Or you may decide you like the whole idea of just downloading the stuff you want, once we get it all on-line.

It's early days yet, and we've only got a few items on Vimeo, but we're working on it day and night! We'll eventually have something for all grey nomads and soon-to-be grey nomads.


Individual videos

TYRES - What you need to know

Winegard Antenna Winder - How to dismantle & lubricate

Window Seals - How to replace when they start to leak

Wheel Bearings - How to do it yourself

Window Screens Not Retracting - How to Fix

Water Tanks - Stuff you need to know

Caravan Cooking 101 - Sandie's Secrets

Choosing your campsite

Places We've Bin



Summary Page

Grey Nomad 101 VIMEO Collection