Which DVD?

Your choice of DVDs will depend on your individual circumstances, but here are our suggestions:

  • Just want info on how to choose and set up a caravan or motorhome - GN101/102 Combo, Dream Machine and Gizmos 2014 (the "Essentials" collection)
  • Interested in location-specific DVDs - GN103, 104, 105, 106 & 107. (Not forgetting that the GN101/102 Combo also includes 3 hours footage of some of our favourite Aussie spots.)
  • Great cooking tips & recipes - Caravan Cooking 101 & Cooking for Blokes (the "What's Cooking" collection)
  • All of the above kind of stuff, just like watching entertaining and informative DVDs - the "Works" collection (Huge savings, best value by far)
  • Want to keep track of on-road costs, fuel consumption, contacts, etc - Trip Notes 101


"The Collections", the Works - no doubt because of the savings involved.


"Grey Nomad101/102 Combo Pack", the 9 hour "Starter" set, either on its own or as part of the Essentials collection.