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Record and track your trip details and costs

This is NOT a DVD, it is an electronic spreadsheet.

I have lost track of the number of people who ask me if I have a simple but effective program for recording details of a trip. Like where you've been, how much fuel you used, how much money you spent on what, etc. I keep hearing of one or two other such programs out there which either don't work as expected, or don't offer satisfactory support afterwards despite a substantial purchase price.

So I've designed one. It is very simple. And it works.

It's an Excel spreadsheet, and it requires Microsoft Excel in one form or another to be available on your computer.

It has a separate page for Fuel costs, Accommodation costs, Food costs, Vehicle expenses, Other expenses, Contacts (ie people you meet on the road) and a Journal (a record of where you've been and when). Plus a copy of the "Stuff to take" sheet that is included with GN101. And a summary sheet up front that brings it all together on one page.

G'day Sid,
Have just purchased your Trip Notes 101, excel spread sheet.
This exactly what I have been looking for, easy, simple and gives info in basic user friendly format.
Thanks, Regards
, Peter

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