Caravan Show Gizmos 2012


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If you haven't been to a caravan/camping show for a while, or worse, have never been to one, then this DVD might interest you.

It was filmed mainly at the 2012 Caulfield caravan show in Melbourne, and takes an informal look at some of the latest technologies, gizmos and gadgets on offer at the shows these days.

It runs for around 70 minutes, and doesn't go into caravans or campers, etc - it's more about the accessories that make life on the road more exciting and easier.

The ever-advancing march of technology affects every part of our lives more and more each day. Caravanning has not escaped, and there are few aspects which haven't been improved upon in one way or another, from cooking to hitching up, communicating to fishing, watching TV to going to the toilet!

The DVD follows Sid as he wanders around the show seeking out the latest developments, adding his comments where appropriate, and interviewing selected exhibitors in his usual humorous style.

There's bound to be something in this DVD that will spike your interest, either with a view to augmenting your existing setup or including as part of your next rig. And it will give you a great excuse to trot off to the next major caravan show to check some of these products out for yourself!

Best of all, at under $20, it won't break the bank.


running time       1 hour 10

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