Downloadable Modules


Welcome to the downloadable module trial page.

If you prefer to pick the topics you are most interested in instead of buying the DVDs, try these downloadable videos. They are a very cost effective way of getting right to the "meat" of it.

At present, this being a new venture by the Grey Nomad 101 team, there is just the one module available. Once enough feedback is received on this first one, many others will follow - so please go to it and let us know what you think!

This trial module is a no-nonsense, info-only lesson on all the things to keep in mind when choosing where to set up for the night. And it's amazing to think there's around 30 points to consider. It runs for about 12 minutes, high definition  - once you've downloaded it, it's yours forever, not like YouTube.

Please allow time for the download - the high definition detail will be worth the wait! Also, if you have an account, you'll be asked to log in to access your download.