The Collections - discounted packages


These packages are a great way to get multiple titles at much less than individual pricing.

Choose your package from the above drop-down menu box. Note that GN108 (Alaska) has not yet been added to any collection and is not shown in the photos.

The Works (AKA the Dalai Lama Pizza): This set has Grey Nomad 101/102, 103, 104, 105, 106 & 107 with Caravan Cooking 101, Cooking for Blokes, Gizmos 2014  and Dream Machine. That's 35 hours of viewing! $249.50 - total saving $81.

The Essentials: Grey Nomad 101/102, Gizmos 2014 and Dream Machine. These DVDs contain the bulk of the "how to" material, and are perfect for anyone buying or building a rig, or getting their van ready to hit the road for some serious traveling. $84.50 - total saving $25.

The GN101-107 set: Grey Nomad 101/102, 103, 104, 105,106 & 107. If you want the guts of it without the miscellaneous ones. $195.00 - total saving $49.50.

The GN103-107 set: Grey Nomad 103, 104, 105, 106 & 107. Started with the GN101/102 Combo and enjoyed the "Places We've Been" footage? Then you'll like this destination-specific set. $129.50 - total saving $40.00.

What's Cooking:  Caravan Cooking 101 and Cooking for Blokes. $43.50 - total saving $8.

Make Your Own Package?:  If there's a combination not covered above that you think qualifies for a discount, email me through the contacts page. I do my best to look after everybody.

Once you've added your last item to the cart, scroll to top of screen and click the red "Cart" link (right hand side of black strip) to go to the check-out.